• Update on Vivi’s progress

    Posted on April 7, 2014 by in Uncategorized

    Vivi is now 17 months post #SDR.
    This is a video of her walking pattern. The in toeing is caused because the muscles were held sooo tight by the nerves for 7 years (pre the operation) they have now been released but damage had been done prior to the operation.

    Vivi will now have extensive orthopedic surgery on May 19th on both legs and feet at the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford by Mr Theologis who has operated on many of Vivi’s friends.

    She will have lengthening of the extensive hallucis longus tendon and of the Arcillis tendon and tibialis posteria. Moderate medial release to correct abduction and supination and split tibialis anterior transfer. (i have written this out for parents with ortho surgery coming up to compare)!!
    She will be in casts for 6 weeks after a one week stay in hospital and then will have 2 further years intensive physio.

    We are so lucky to have had the support of so many people to allow us to be able to follow the advised protocal with private physio.
    Thank you all so much, she has come such a long way and i have no doubt she will catch up once again.

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